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Founded in 2003, Shanghai Legion is a research and development enterprise that provides a complete set of solutions for the production and development of high-end materials. A variety of precision hot-pressing / composite equipment and electromagnetic induction heating rollers developed and manufactured by the company have become the first choice for many material production enterprises. In addition to various high-tech materials and carbon fiber, LCP copper clad material, hydrogen fuel cell membrane electrode, coated iron and other new materials, the company's products are in lithium batteries, automotive glass, photovoltaic materials, optical films, textiles, special paper , Food and pharmaceutical packaging, non-woven fabrics, printing and other industries also have a wide range of applications.        

At present, the company has applied for a total of 100 patents, including 12 authorized invention patents and nearly 60 utility model patents. In continuous development and innovation, the company has successively won the Shanghai "Emerging Enterprise", and the Ministry of Science and Technology "Science and Technology was approved to set up an academician expert workstation in 2019, with 7 doctors on-site, further strengthening the company's research and development capabilities.

The company currently has R & D, assembly and processing bases in Minhang District and Songjiang District of Shanghai, advanced processing and production equipment, and new material production bases in Hangzhou and Wuxi.

The company always upholds the tenet of "Integrity, Excellence, Sharing, Coexistence", and Shanghai Lianjing has the honor to provide products and services to many multinational companies, including industry leaders in the world's top 500, and also a booming rising star. "Win" business philosophy, develop together with partners in learning and innovation.