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Advantages of Induction heating roller

2017-05-20 10:35:40

1.Wide temperature range:

   Roller shell is heated in electromagnetic field, withthe temperature range in 50~420℃.

2.High-precision temperature control, anduniform surface temperature distribution:

   Special energy distribution technology isemployed in Legion induction heating roller,whichensures uniform surface        temperature within ±0.5℃.Special temperature distribution can also bedesigned according to customer's requirement

3.Compact structure, space saving:

    Electricity is the only power source for LEGION® induction heating roller. So there is no need for additional facilities or specialconstruction. The equipment requires minimal spaceand is easy to operate.

4.Clean, and less maintenance operation:

    Without thermal oil, vapor or combustible material to leak, the work environment keeps clean and safe. Friendly human-computer interaction screen, one button operation.Communication protocol support: ModBus/TCP, ModBus RTU/ASCII RS-485 ,EtherNet-IP etc.

5.Lower energy consumption:

   Heated by induction method, the heat utilization rate is very high. Compared with oil heated roller,energy consumption rate reduces about 50%, and over 70% in some industries.


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