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Comparison of process routes of carbon fiber precursor

2017-09-27 14:06:36

Comparison of process routes of carbon fiber precursor

      According to the current production route of carbon fiber precursor, Japan Toray adopts DMSO one-step process (batch and continuous polymerization process), DONGBANG company zinc chloride one-step process, Taiwan Plastic DMF one-step process, American zoertec sodium thiocyanate one-step process, Turkey Aksa DMAC two-step process.In terms of solvent recovery technology, zinc chloride and sodium thiocyanate adopt five effect separation technology, which greatly saves energy consumption. DMF and DMAC adopt three effect or four effect separation technology, while DMSO generally adopts two effect separation technology.Among them, DMAC route some companies directly synthesize DMAC by-products of separation directly to reduce DMAC consumption.  

In the production of precursor, the requirement of solvent purification is very strict. The one-step process is more efficient than the two-step process. The process route of sodium thiocyanate and zinc chloride is very strict for the washing of spinning tow. The solvent content must be reduced to the required index of the precursor, otherwise it will affect the carbonized products. This ratio has defects with organic solvents DMSO, DMF and DMAC, and DMF is harmful to operators Combined with these points, DMAC has obvious advantages at present.



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