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2018-01-21 21:59:16

What do you want to know about prepreg?

Prepreg: the material that is pre impregnated with epoxy resin or other resins.

Here, we need to pay attention to one point: after the production of prepreg, the resin infiltrated on it belongs to semi curing state. We can see from some video websites, especially in the video of bicycle making, whether the cloth used by workers has not even woven lines?


Figure 1

  However, the appearance of the products is woven with carbon fiber?

Figure 2

Generally, the one with or without weave pattern is called prepreg.


In a narrow sense: the resin impregnated fabric with woven pattern (such as plain weave and twill weave) is called prepreg (as shown in Fig. 2); the one without weave pattern is called unidirectional prepreg (as shown in Fig. 1).

Unidirectional prepreg, in addition to carbon fiber resin, there is nothing else, with the one-way woven fabric mentioned above, has nothing to do with it! The following picture shows the unidirectional woven fabric -- the horizontal white thread, called the hot fuse, which is used to fix the fabric.

Storage of prepreg fabric: need to be refrigerated! 8-10 degrees below zero, the general storage time is 3 months, also has the shelf life.

Use of prepreg: tear off the covering film (blue or red), tear off the release paper (generally white). Cut according to the size of the cut, do not worry about the situation of loose silk, because there is semi cured resin adhesion. If you feel that it is not sticky enough to stick to the surface of the product, you can properly heat the cut cloth, because the refrigerated items should be slightly melted.



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