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Academician Workstation Approved to Establish

2019-12-10 16:48:00

       On November 27, the Shanghai Academician Workstation Guidance Office issued the "Notice on Approving the establishment of the fourth batch of Academician Workstation in 2019", and agreed to establish the "Academician Workstation" of Shanghai Legion Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.


   The establishment of Academician Workstation will expand the academic exchange and cooperation with university & research institute, accelerate the improvement of production development. This will also provide strong support for personnel training and technical problem solving.


   From now on, together with the team of Professor Xu Zhenliang, Shanghai Legion Academician Workstation will focus on the key technologies of future national strategic industrial development, such as hydrogen fuel cell, key materials and equipment for 5G industry. It can be expected that Shanghai Legion will further enhance the R&D level, build a complete R&D system, speed up the iterative progress of new technologies and new products with the help of the platform of Academician Workstation.


In 2019, the list of highly cited scholars in China was released, and the chief expert of academician workstation of our company was selected again 金华市委书记陈龙一行参观上海联净电磁加热辊项目(en)