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On the relationship between smart phone and heating roller

2020-07-26 19:37:53

Smart phones are currently the standard configuration for Chinese people. You can go out without anything else, but you can't take your mobile phone without it. However, who knows that if there is no heating roller, a smart phone can only stay in our dreams.


Is heating roller really so important in the production of mobile phones? This starts with the parts of smart phones. There are many parts, such as LCD, LCD, LCD, LCD, LCD, battery, etc. Among them, LCD, lithium battery, circuit board, earphone, gasket and other components / materials are related to heating roller. The relationship between lithium battery and heating roller is the most close.


Most of the current popular lithium batteries are polymer lithium batteries. There are five key materials, including: electrode (positive and negative), ear, aluminum plastic film, diaphragm and electrolyte. Among them, the electrolyte is a chemical raw material, there is no needs of  a heating roller in the production process, the other four materials are closely related to the heating roller.


The electrode piece of lithium battery includes positive electrode and negative electrode. In addition to aluminum foil, there are usually lithium salts (lithium iron phosphate, lithium cobalt oxide, etc.), conductive agents, adhesives and positive leads. In addition to copper foil, there are graphite, conductive agent, additive, adhesive and negative lead. After these materials are bonded to aluminum / copper foil, they need to be further pressed by rollers. Pressing can be done with either unheated or heated rolls.


According to the literature reports, if the hot roller is used, the battery capacity can be effectively improved. At present, Japan adopts the rolls of Tokuden Co., Ltd., and the main parameters are as follows:

roller size:φ820×L800

highest pressure:1500kN/m

working temperature:85~130℃


The pressure of the roller is very high when it works. Therefore, how to keep the roller stable for a long time without deformation is very important. Besides TOKUDEN, Shanghai Lianjing has also successfully developed this kind of roller and corresponding hot rolling mill.


Heating roller is also needed in the production of aluminum plastic film. According to the production process, it can be divided into dry process and thermal process. The temperature required for dry process production is not high, generally less than 100 ℃. There are few companies using thermal method, and the published information is not much. It is understood that the maximum temperature needs to be 300 ℃.


There are many kinds of diaphragm, and the production process is also divided into dry process and wet process. Whether it is dry or wet process, there are drawing processes (including single drawing and double drawing), and multiple heating rollers are needed for drawing. Due to different materials and different production processes of different companies, the temperature of roller also has great difference, but the overall is not high, and the maximum temperature is generally not more than 200 ℃.


 The aluminum plastic film of Shanghai Lengion



Lithium battery electrode sheet hot rolling equipment of Shanghai Lianjing


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